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Last Edited: 10/4/2005

Can my home (or workplace) be tested for mycotoxins?

There are a few commercial environmental laboratories that offer tests for some mold toxins on surfaces in  homes or workplaces. However, these tests have been developed so recently that scientists do not yet know what the results mean. Since small amounts of mold growth are present in almost every building, it is likely that detectible, but very low, concentrations of mold toxins are present in many buildings, even those in which there is no moisture problem or occupant health concerns.  There is also no information on how much mold toxin exposure needs to occur before a person experiences health problems. It is important to keep in mind that decisions about cleaning up mold and precautions to take during the clean-up process do not require knowledge about the presence of mycotoxins. If there is visible mold or a moldy odor in a room, then there is a mold problem that needs to be addressed (see Mold in My Home: What do I do?)