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Last Edited: 5/11/2004

How can I lower my exposure to pesticides?

EHIB recommends that people use common sense measure to minimize their exposures to pesticides.  Precautions, such as washing fruits and vegetables carefully before eating, and carefully following the directions on pesticides you use in the home and garden, can lower your exposure to pesticides.  Remember to wash skin and clothing promptly if contact with pesticides occur.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables is another way to lower your exposure to pesticides.  The level or pesticides in produce you buy in a store or restaurant is regulated by the United States EPA to insure that it is safe to eat.  However, commercially grown produce may still contain small amounts of pesticides.  Organic fruits and vegetables are grown and processed using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.  Pesticides from natural sources (such biological pesticides) may be used in organically grown foods, but in general are thought to be less toxic.