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Ethical Principles

Mission Statement

The mission of the Environmental Health Investigations Branch is to identify and work toward controlling harmful environmental factors, and to promote those that are healthful. To accomplish this, the Branch...

Conducts health and exposure investigations

EHIB responds to emerging environmental health problems, clusters of non-infectious disease, and disasters associated with environmental agents by conducting preliminary investigations and follow-up studies.

Undertakes health and exposure surveillance

When health concerns suggest the need for surveillance, EHIB monitors trends in the distribution of environmental exposures and health indicators in California.

Provides public health oversight, technical assistance and training

State and local health agencies and the Legislature turn to EHIB when environmental health problems require training, consultation, advice on environmental health intervention, or evaluation of epidemiologic and toxicologic evidence.

Facilitates public participation and effective community relations

EHIB ensures that studies and evaluations are responsive to public concerns and needs by inviting the participation of community members, scientists and other involved groups in all stages of its activities, including: selection of issues to be addressed, gathering of information, interpretation of findings, development of informed consent, and evaluation of interventions. EHIB also works collaboratively with health and environmental groups, the business community, health professionals, and other public agencies.

Develops policy initiatives and recommendations

Using information obtained from our investigations, EHIB assists in the development of public health policy, initiatives and recommendations.

Maintains scientific preparedness

EHIB staff are actively involved in developing research methods in the emerging field of environmental health. EHIB is committed to providing the support necessary to ensure that its staff remain current with developments in their fields and the larger society.