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Last Edited: 8/18/2010

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

How can cancer be prevented?

The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends the following as the best ways to prevent cancer:

  • not smoking
  • staying out of the sun
  • eating healthful foods, and
  • exercising

Reducing exposures to environmental carcinogens may also help prevent cancer.  See the Cancer and the Environment section for more information on environmental factors that can cause cancer.

Other preventative measures involve seeking cancer detection or screening services.  Screening is a way to detect cancer in people who may not be exhibiting symptoms.  Positive screening results do not diagnose the disease, but indicate when someone is at higher risk for cancer.  Further tests can then lead to a diagnosis. 

The ACS has developed cancer screening guidelines for people of average risk for cancer.  People who are at an increased risk for a certain type of cancer may benefit from starting screening earlier or getting screened more often.  To see the most recent ACS screening recommendations for breast, colon, cervical, uterine, and prostate cancer, see the ACS website.

Reference: American Cancer Society

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How is cancer treated?

There are many types of treatment available for cancer, although each cancer requires a different type of treatment.  The effectiveness of the treatment may depend on how far the cancer has progressed at diagnosis.

For information on the specific types of treatment for each cancer type, see the National Cancer Institute website.

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