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Last Edited: 4/21/2014

National Tracking Program

In 2000, the Pew Environmental Health Commission identified an “environmental health gap”, described as a lack of documented information related to how the environment affects health.   Following the report, the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program (NEPHT) was funded by the CDC to 


  1. Create a network of linked national and state public and secure state networks to increase the availability, distribution, and utilization of environmental public health data and information for surveillance, planning and evaluation
  2. Increase the linkage of health outcome data with environmental exposure data
  3. Enhance the GIS technology and workforce available to do these tasks
  4. Improve the health of communities using NEPHT resources

By working with state and local health departments, federal partners, professional organizations, and community groups, CDC created the National Environmental Health Tracking Network to track environmental hazards, exposures, and chronic diseases.  This required collecting and standardizing different types of health and environmental data so they could be compared for analysis, and organizing the information into a user-friendly online resource with useful applications for a variety of stakeholders.  The goal of this network is to improve and protect public health by giving scientists, researchers, public health professionals, and policymakers access to data that were previously unavailable. This allows stakeholders to monitor trends over time and determine where resources are needed for further research or public health interventions.  NEPHT grantees report tracking data collected at the state level to be integrated into this network.