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Last Edited: 1/27/2014

CEHTP Data Services

CEHTP provides the following environmental and health data via online data queries and web tools: 

 Air pollution

 Climate change  Lead poisoning
 Asthma  Drinking water quality  Maternal and infant health
 Birth defects  Heart attacks  Pesticide use
 Cancer  Heat illness and death  Traffic Volume

A more complete list of the data can be found under the View Data tab or on the Metadata page. Users can also make custom requests for data not currently available online.


Data Analysis and Display Services

CEHTP provides custom analysis of environmental and health data, including calculation of rates using advanced spatial statistics.  As part of the analysis, users can also request displays of data in maps, tables, and charts. 

Examples of past data analysis and display requests include:

Data Linkage Services

CEHTP also conducts “record-level spatial linkage” with data related to environmental hazards, such as traffic and agricultural pesticide data.  This means that we use a geographic location to link any dataset that contains a geographic component (such as addresses or geographic polygons) with hazard datasets (such as those from CalTrans or the Department of Pesticide Regulation) to calculate a variety of hazard metrics for each record.  The user can define a number of linkage parameters, including the area to be analyzed around each location. 

Examples of past data linkage requests include:

  • Linking pesticide use data with maternal residence to study birth defects
  • Linking traffic density with patient addresses to study asthma morbidity

For More Information

We provide data services on a case-by-case basis dependent on staff availability.  Fees may be applied to some services.   Please contact CEHTP for more information or to make a request.