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Last Edited: 9/29/2010

Asthma: Prevention and Treatment

How can asthma be controlled?

Although there is no known cure for asthma, severe attacks are generally considered preventable. Once asthma is developed, it is important to manage the disease and prevent asthma attacks.  For most people, asthma can be controlled with :

  • Regular preventative healthcare
  • A clear asthma action plan
  • Medication
  • By avoiding known asthma triggers

 How can asthma be prevented?

Except for asthma related to the work environment, no one knows for certain how to prevent asthma from developing.  However, individuals can lower the chance of having an asthma attack.  Right now many researchers are trying to understand what causes the development of asthma so that it can be prevented. 


Until we know more about what causes asthma, the best way to prevent attacks is to avoid the triggers, like secondhand smoke, that make asthma worse.  Other preventative actions include:

  • Properly using medications
  • Preventing colds and flu
  • Getting regular check-ups from a healthcare provider

To improve asthma at a societal level, the California Department of Public Health has coordinated the development of the Strategic Plan for Asthma in California 2008-2012 (PDF) . This plan outlines strategies and recommendations for different stakeholders throughout the state to work collaboratively to reduce the asthma burden for California.