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Last Edited: 9/16/2012

Maps of Heat Vulnerability in California

Below are maps of California showing populations that are vulnerable to heat. 


To learn more about heat-related illness, see Heat and Our Health.  To learn more about the state's heat emergency plan, see the Governor's Office of Emergency Services Contingency Plan for Excessive Heat Emergencies.

Map A:  Population Less Than Five Years of Age


map less than 5 years

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Map B:  Population Aged 65 and Over


map 65 years and over

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Map C:  Population Aged 65 and Over Living in a Nursing Home


map 65 years and over in nursing home

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Map D:  Population Aged 65 and Over Living Alone


map 65 years and over living alone

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Map E:  Population with Income Below the Poverty Line


map living below poverty

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Map F:  Air Conditioner Ownership


map of air conditioner ownership

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