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Last Edited: 7/10/2014

Asthma Metadata / Data FAQs

Choose from the following metadata documents that describe the data available through the Asthma Data Query page:

  • County-level Measures Metadata -- This dataset contains case counts, rates, and confidence intervals of asthma (ICD9-CM 493.0-493.9) and myocardial infarction (ICD9-CM 410) inpatient hospitalizations among California residents for the years 2000-2012. These data are stratified by year, county of residence, age group, race/ethnicity and gender. Crude, age-adjusted, and modeled rates and confidence intervals are included.
  • Zip-Code-level Measures Metadata -- This dataset contains rates of asthma (ICD9-CM 493.0-493.9) emergency department vists among California residents by age (all ages, 0-17, 18+) for 2009.