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Last Edited: 1/27/2014

Tools and Services: Traffic Volume Linkage Tool

What is the traffic volume linkage tool?

CEHTP's traffic volume linkage tool allows the user to obtain information about how much traffic passes near a specific location. The demonstration of the tool here provides traffic information about a single address/location. The CEHTP service assists users who are interested in calculating traffic information for many locations.

View demonstration of traffic volume linkage tool on EHIB main website. 

How can I use this tool?

A user can use the tool to learn how many vehicles travel near a location every day on average. On the demonstration tool, the user can also view the traffic volume for each road nearby the specific location. This tool is especially useful for researchers who are interested in looking at traffic volume related to health events for which address-level data are available.


If you are interested in using the tool to examine traffic volume for many locations or specific geographies, contact the Tracking Program Administrator to learn more about our traffic volume linkage services.  Our services have been used recently to provide traffic volume data by zip code for Cal/EPA's CalEnviroScreen. 


Users who are interested in air quality data and information can also visit our air quality data query.

Where are the data from?

The services calculates traffic metrics using the CalTrans Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) data in California. We currently have 2004 data available.

How do I request traffic volume linkage services from CEHTP?

If you would like to link a table of addresses to traffic or you have questions about the service, please e-mail the Tracking Program Administrator.