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Last Edited: 8/3/2010

McFarland Child Health Screening Project
Written: 1989

The McFarland Child Health Screening Project was conducted by the California Department of Health Services in response to community concerns about adverse childhood health conditions in McFarland, California, where a cancer cluster investigation gained national attention.  It was designed to identify and refer children with suspected health problems (including cancer), assess the health status and health care needs of McFarland children, document issues of medical care access and utilization, and collect information on concern about environmental problems and their relationship to cancer.  The general health screening included: parental interview, child interview (if older than six years), physical examination, neurobehavioral examination, and laboratory assessment of urine and blood.

The screening project with its high response rate represents one of the few community-wide child health assessments for an agricultural community anywhere in the Untied States.  It offered an opportunity to obtain reliable information of broader application on the child health status and health care needs of a San Joaquin Valley agricultural town.

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