Craig Wolff



Geospatial Sciences Director



A.          Education








University of California, Berkeley

M.S., Eng.


Environmental Engineering/Water Resources


University of California, Los Angeles



Mathematics & Geography with Specialization in Computing



        Coursework in civil and environmental engineering:  lake/reservoir management (limnology), wetlands ecology and management, engineering hydrology, groundwater/seepage, design of water resource structures, water/wastewater management, hazardous waste management, environmental fluid mechanics, sediment transport processes, contaminant transport processes.


        Coursework in advanced mathematics: applied modeling, complex/numerical analysis, partial/ordinary differential equations, optimization of algorithms, combinatorics.


        Coursework in geography and earth sciences:  surface/sub-surface hydrology, engineering geology, spatial information analysis, environmental impact analysis, regional and international development, remote sensing, cartography, climatology, biogeography, geomorphology, economic geography.



B.          Chronology of Employment/Consultancies



Research Assistant -- UCLA, Lewis Center & Digital Media Center


1995 - 1997

Staff Research Associate -- UCLA, North American Integration and Development Center (NAID)


1997 - 1998

GIS Consultant -- Border Health Geographic Information Systems Study.  Impact Assessment, Inc., contractor to the CA Department of Health Services, Environmental Health Investigations Branch.



GIS Consultant -- GIS Analysis of Statewide Transmission Lines, Power Grid and Land Use Policy Analysis.  Impact Assessment/Decision Insights, Inc. contractor to the CA Department of Health Services, Environmental Health Investigations Branch.



GIS Technician -- Tetra Tech, Inc., Lafayette, CA.


1998 - 2002

Research Specialist -- Testicular Cancer:  Etiologic Factors Study.  Impact Assessment, Inc., contractor to the CA Department of Health Services, Environmental Health Investigations Branch.


1998 - 2000

Consultant -- Cancer Detection Programs Map.  Public Health Institute, contractor to CA Department of Health Services, Cancer Detection Section.



Consultant -- EHIB Intranet/Internet Content Management System.  Impact Assessment, Inc., contractor to CA Department of Health Services, Environmental Health Investigations Branch.


2001 - 2005

Consultant -- Cancer Detection Programs Map.  University of California, San Francisco, contractor to CA Department of Health Services, Cancer Detection Section.


2002 - 2006

IT/GIS Manager & Research Scientist -- California Environmental Health Tracking Program.  Impact Assessment, Inc., contractor to the CA Department of Health Services, Environmental Health Investigations Branch.


2005 - 2008

Consultant -- Inventory/assessment of environmentally-related disease and environmental databases in the California/Baja California border region.  Public Health Institute, contractor to US Environmental Protection Agency.


2006 - present

Consultant in IT/GIS Management -- California Environmental Health Tracking Program.  Public Health Institute, contractor to the CA Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Investigations Branch.


C.       Experience Narrative.


I serve as the Geospatial Sciences Director for the California Environmental Health Tracking Program (CEHTP).  I provide management consulting services to the CEHTP Geospatial Sciences team and develop methods and automated tools for the Network's service-oriented architecture.  I identify and form partnerships with public, private, and non-governmental entities that might benefit from using or contributing to environmental health tracking data and services.   I am the Chair of the National Tracking Drinking Water Quality Content Workgroup. I am the CA state representative to the National Tracking Network Standards and Network Development and Geospatial workgroups.  Some sub-projects of the CEHTP include:  Principal investigator and software engineer in developing web-based reporting application for California public water system service area boundaries; Principal investigator of special project that examined exposure assessment methods and feasibility for tracking of drinking water indicators; Development of enterprise geocoding web service; Development of health-to-environment or environment-to-health spatiotemporal integration/linkage services; Development of mapping services that assist in visualizing and disseminating Tracking data.


In December of 2002, I concluded my research work on a project that investigated the etiologic factors associated with statewide incidence of testicular cancer.  I was the lead for the water exposure assessment portion of the project.  I was responsible for management, coordination and implementation of data collection effort of ~1000 California public water systems.  I was the lead on methods development and statistical analysis for spatio-temporally linking analytic water quality data to study subjects, accounting for volume and treatment effects in multi-source systems.   I continue to translate the results of this project and the breadth of the experience into methods development and policy-oriented talking points so that the environmental health tracking of drinking water can be accomplished in the future.  Manuscripts from this work are forthcoming.


Other projects/activities at EHIB:


1.      Technical visionary, project manager, and chief software architect for the EHIB Content Management Application (

2.      Associated sentinel health events and children populations to pesticide applications and provided recommendations for in situ sampling at sensitive receptor sites.

3.      Created CA/Mexico border environmental health GIS.

4.      Developed cropping pattern classification using satellite imagery as proxy for pesticide use.


As a GIS consultant to the CA Department of Health Services Cancer Detection Section, I created a statewide cancer detection GIS data dissemination and visualization tool.   I was responsible for all aspects of the planning and development effort.  I assessed program and stakeholder needs in terms of administrative IT oversight, hardware, software, and diverse client requirements.  Developed data model and software architecture.  I was responsible for entire coding effort and training of database/application administrators.


At Tetra Tech, I was responsible for the construction and analysis of GIS and multi-media transport models used in hazardous waste site characterization.  Some sites that I worked on were: Aliso Towne Manufactured Gas Plant, Daly City PG&E and Stringfellow Superfund sites.


At UCLA's North American Integration & Development (NAID) Center, I was responsible for the analysis, presentation, maintenance, and updating of the NAID database.  I assisted in investigations of regional impacts of trade integration with NAFTA partners, industrial classification systems, global commodity flow dynamics, and location analysis of migrant populations. I operated a partial equilibrium model to estimate domestic layoffs due to import substitution.


For the US Forest Service, I assisted the chief hydrologist in watershed erosion management, control, and prevention projects. I operated and tested forest input/output models using data collected in the field as well as previously compiled watershed and land-use data sets.


D.       Peer-reviewed publications.


ER Roberts, PB English, JK Grether, GC Windham, L Somberg, CD Wolff. 2007. Maternal Residence Near Agricultural Pesticide Applications and Autism Spectrum Disorders Among Children in the California Central Valley. Environ Health Perspect doi:10.1289/ehp.10168.


PB English, ER Roberts, M Wong, CD Wolff, S Valdez, SK Van den Eeden, GT Ray. 2006. Progress in Pediatric Asthma Surveillance II: Geospatial Patterns of Asthma in Alameda County, California. Prev Chronic Dis. 2006 July; 3(3): A92.


PB English, D Goldberg, CD Wolff. 2003. Parental and birth characteristics in relation to testicular cancer risk among males born between 1960 and 1995 in California. Cancer Causes and Control 14(9): 815-825.


E.        Funding Sources.



U38/EH000186-01   English (PI)  2006 - 2011           

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention                                                       

National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program - Network Implementation

Role: Consultant




U50/CCU922449-01   English (PI)  2002 - 2006           

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention                                                       

National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program

Role: IT/GIS Manager


U50/CCU922449-01   Wolff (PI)  2005 - 2006           

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention                                                       

Drinking Water Exposure Assessment Supplemental Project

Role: Principal Investigator


99-00513V-10156   English (PI)  1999 - 2001           

California Cancer Research Program                                                        

Testicular Cancer:  Etiologic Factors

Role: Research Specialist


7V2030NASX   English (PI)  1997 - 1998           

US Environmental Protection Agency                                              

Development of U.S./Mexico Geographic Information Systems to Support Decision Making in Environmental Health

Role: Consultant


1-7OU-6877   English (PI)  1997 - 1998           

Research Triangle Institute                                              

Analytical Procedures, Methodologies and Field Protocols to Monitor and Determine Environmental Contaminants (Pesticide Use in California: U.S./Mexico Border Region)

Role: Consultant


F.        Professional Skills.


        Applications:  ESRI Server/Desktop GIS (ArcGIS Server, Arc/INFO, ArcSDE, ArcIMS), Google Maps API, Google Web Toolkit, MapInfo, ER Mapper, SQL Server, Access, SAS, Matlab, Excel, Surfer, P/MODFLOW, Photoshop, Illustrator

        Programming Languages:  Java, Javascript, Visual Basic, SQL, C++

        Application Development:  J2EE, AJAX, ArcIMS/ArcXML, SOAP/AXIS, ArcObjects/ArcGIS, Access/VB, Avenue/ArcView, MapBasic/MapInfo

        General Skills:  Global Positioning System, Surveying, Digitizing, Conversational Spanish