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Last Edited: 3/14/2008

Gayle Windham, PhD

Dr. Windham is chief of the Epidemiologic Surveillance Unit. As a reproductive epidemiologist , her work during involves conducting studies on a number of reproductive endpoints (infertility, menstrual cycle function), pregnancy outcomes (miscarriage, fetal growth), and children's health (autism, puberty) in relation to a variety of environmental exposures such as environmental tobacco smoke, solvents, air and water contaminants, and endocrine disrupting chemicals (PBDEs, DDT, etc.). Previously Dr. Windham worked in Norway and at the CDC. She has served on expert panels for California regulatory agencies, the CDC, the Surgeon General, WHO and ATSDR. She received her Masters of Science in Public Health degree from UCLA and her Doctorate in Epidemiology from UC Berkeley.


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Environmental Epidemiology

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