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Last Edited: 9/8/2008

Nursery Products - Public Health Activities

The Site Assessment Section (SAS) of the Environmental Health Investigations Branch (EHIB) received a request from the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to assist in addressing community health concerns related to operations at the Nursery Products facility. SAS works under a cooperative agreement with ATSDR. The Nursery Products facility is located on 40 acres in San Bernardino County.

From August 2002 until July 2005, the Nursery Products operated a biosolids facility making fertilizer from treated sewage sludge, which is imported from a number of sewage treatment plants in San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. Operations at the facility were conducted outdoors, generating dust and odor issues. EHIB investigated possible exposure to contaminants commonly found in sewage sludge, and evaluated available monitoring data to identify potential exposures and/or additional data needs (click here for letter summarizing conclusions and recommendations).

Hyke Letter 6/29/06

Hyke Letter 11/13/06


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