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Last Edited: 8/13/2010

Health study on asthma and children

In April 2005, CDHS and ATSDR released the findings from a health study of schoolchildren. The plating shops released low levels of chemicals into the air and there were concerns that children may have had health problems from the emissions. CDHS conducted a health study among schoolchildren in the area designed to help find out if children had breathing problems because of chemicals in the air. The study found that the number of children with asthma in this community was similar to what has been reported for other communities. The study did not find that children who went to school near the chrome-plating shops were more likely to get asthma compared to children who attended other schools not near the facilities. However, studies like this are limited in what they can show. This study would not have shown if the children were only slightly more likely to get asthma than other children. It would only have been able to show if they were much more likely to get asthma.

Asthma and Related Respiratory Conditions Among Children: A Study Concerning Attending School near two Chromium Plating Facilities [1/05]

Fact Sheet summarizing the health study [4/05]

En Español: Boletín Informativo resumiendo el estudio de salud [4/05]