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Last Edited: 3/16/2009

Pesticide Use in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region

EHIB analyzed pesticide use data from 1991 to 1995 in Imperial and San Diego Counties, to investigate areas where potential pesticide exposures could occur in children living along the US-Mexico border.

Pesticide use was found to be 4 to 8.5 times higher in Imperial County than in San Diego County. Furthermore, all schools with children aged 11 years and younger in Imperial County, but only 55% of schools with children aged 11 years and younger in San Diego County, had agricultural pesticide applications within 2.8 miles of the school. Actual pesticide exposure to children was not measured in this study.

Results from this study, which was published in 2000, will assist the US Environmental Protection Agency in choosing specific locations of the border region to conduct environmental monitoring for pesticide exposure.
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