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Last Edited: 2/2/2012

Autism in relation to Hazardous and Criteria Air Pollutants
10/2005 -

In this project, existing databases are linked to examine possible environmental factors related to autism. CA CADDRE conducts  surveillance for autism in the San Francisco Bay area and statewide on a more limited basis. The data for 1994 births in the SF Bay Area were linked to the US Environmental Protection Agency's database on hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and results of this analysis were published. Additional work has been conducted to: (1)  add 1996 births from the surveillance system, (2) link HAPs data  from Southern California to our more limited autism surveillance statewide, (3) collaborate with other surveillance systems doing similar studies and (4)  collaborate on studies of other measures of air pollution in relation to autism.

For further information about the study, please see the question-and-answer sheet.