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Last Edited: 9/29/2005

Historic Maps for Traffic Studies
09/2005 -

The goal of this study is to develop a series of historic maps of traffic exhaust exposure in San Diego County which could be used in cancer epidemiology studies. Determination of the causal relationship between traffic exhaust and cancer has been limited by the lack of quantitative historic exposure data and a lack of specification of the dose-response relationship. To address this problem will develop these maps by: (1) Evaluating currently available line source (traffic) air quality models for suitability for use in epidemiological studies; (2) Refining our current “raster” model of traffic exposure accounting for the surface texture of the landscape using GIS land use layers; (3) Undertaking field measurements of NO2 as a marker of traffic exhaust to calibrate and validate the in-house and commercially available models; and (4) Estimating the amount of bias for each model due to exposure misclassification by employing geocoded addresses of lung cancer for San Diego County.