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California Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Research and Epidemiology (CADDRE)
01/2001 -

The California Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Research and Epidemiology (CADDRE) works in partnership with the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Regional Centers, Northern Calfiornia Kaiser-Permanente, clinics, and other providers throughout California to build a comprehensive surveillance system to count children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). California CADDRE also conducts studies in California to investigate possible causes and risk factors associated with autism.

Some of California CADDRE's current activities include:

  • Conducting studies to:
    • identify early biologic markers of autism
    • evaluate prenatal factors that may contribute to autism in some children, including environmental exposure
    • identify genetic and non-genetic factors in autism
  • Facilitating screening of young children for autism and conducting surveillance
  • Collaborating with the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other sites in the Study to Explore Early Development (SEED)
  • Collaborating closely with other researchers in California and elsewhere
  • Working with a Community Advisory Board of parents to advise us on important issues for families
  • Working with culturally diverse parents who have children with autism to create information on autism in multiple languages

Some of California CADDRE's current studies include:


If you have a child with autism who was born in California, you may contact us to see if you are eligible to enroll in one of our studies. To receive more information on our research and outreach activities or to request information on autism, please contact:

Karen Smith, Project Coordinator
California CADDRE
California Department of Public Health
Environmental Health Investigations Branch
850 Marina Bay Parkway, Blg P, 3rd Floor, Richmond, Ca 94804
Phone: 510-620-3700 Fax: 510-620-3720 Email:

Si usted quisiera tener mas informacion sobre el autismo, escribanos a o llame a Angela Drake, CADDRE Asistente de Programa, 510-620-3700. 

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