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Last Edited: 1/19/2010

Indoor Air Quality in Saugus Schools
01/1999 - 08/1999

EHIB and EHLB IAQ staff provided technical asssitance and risk communication consultation to the Saugus Unified School District in Los Angeles County regarding classroom indoor air quality concerns.

EHIB staff were contacted for assitance by the Saugus unified School District when a number of children and teachers at the school began complaining of symptoms that they attributed to classroom exposures. Some of the children and teachers had seen a physician who conducted laboratory tests that he alleged indicated exposure to formaldehyde, phenol, arsenic and stachybotrys chartarum mold. EHIB, EHLB and OHB staff attended a public meeting to hear about the community's concerns, reviewed the available human biological testing data (tests ordered by the physician), reviewed environmental testing data, visited the classrooms, interviewed parents, teachers, and school staff and wrote a report describing the findings. Parents were worried about allowing their children to return to school. There were some indoor air quality problems found and these were addressed. Misinformation about the biological testing was addressed. The school district used the US EPA Tools for Schools materials to develop a working relationship with parents to address cocnerns and resolve differences. Project completed.