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Cenco Tank Farm, Huntington Beach - Public Health Activities

In 2004, the California Department of Public Health--formerly California Department of Health Services (CDHS)--responded to a citizen's health concern related to potential lead exposure from the Cenco Refining Company.  

The site

CENCO is a 22-acre property located in a mixed industrial and residential area approximately 1,200 feet northeast of the Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach. CENCO was formerly the Marine Terminal, which was constructed in the 1950s and received and distributed crude oil from a sea berth offshore from Huntington Beach. The Marine Terminal has been inactive since 1995, and was acquired by CENCO in 1998 from the Golden West Refining Company of Santa Fe Springs, California. 

CDHS's involvement at the site

Under a cooperative agreement with the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), CDHS wrote a health consultation in response to a petition received by ATSDR regarding the CENCO property. The primary concern expressed by the petitioner was the presence of lead-based paint on the former oil storage tanks and the potential for this lead to cause health problems for people, especially children, living in the area. 

Baed on the information reviewed, CDHS and ATSDR concluded that the lead associated with the former tanks at CENCO former Marine Terminal in Huntington Beach is not expected to produce health effects and does not pose an apparent past, present, or future health hazard to people either on or off the CENCO property. This determination does not address other hazards or risks that may or may not be related to the CENCO facility and their potential risks to public health or the environment.

Click to view the Health Consultation for CENCO [6/15/04]

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