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Last Edited: 4/12/2011

Oroville pancreatic cancer investigation
01/2008 - 06/2009


In 2008, the California Cancer Registry in the California Department of Public Health, in response to community concerns, confirmed that there was an elevated rate of pancreatic cancer in the Oroville area in 2004-05.  EHIB's follow-up investigation involved reviewing the cancer registry data for 2004-05, obtaining an additional year of data (2006), contacting the persons who were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer or their family members for interviews, and evaluating any commonalities or unusual risk factors that could explain the excess.  EHIB worked closely with the Butte County Health Department and with community residents and other stakeholders in a timely manner. 

In March 2009, a report was finalized and results disseminated to the local health department and community. We found that the cases generally had the typical risk factors for pancreatic cancer, but we did not identify a local environmental factor linking the cases that would explain a community-wide excess. Fluctuations in numbers of cancer cases in communities often occur for reasons unrelated to the environment.  EHIB and the California Cancer Registry will continue to monitor to cancer rates in the area.

Full Report (1,394KB)

Report Questions and Answers (94KB)

Preliminary Koppers Fire Report 1987 (1260KB)

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