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Last Edited: 1/13/2013

Electric and Magnetic Fields

The California Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Program was a research, education, and technical assistance program concerned with the possible health effects of electric and magnetic fields from powerlines, appliances, and other uses of electricity. Our goal was to find a rational and fair approach to deal with the potential risks, if any, of exposure to EMF. The California EMF program did this through research, policy analysis, and education. Please note that funding for the EMF Program ended in the mid-2000s; the Program no longer exists. Materials developed under the auspices of the EMF Program are provided here for historical reference only.

California Electric and Magnetic Fields Archive Website


  • Montecito Union School Magnetic Field Survey (01/01/1990)  --  In September 1989, California Department of Health Services (DHS) staff conducted a survey of magnetic field levels at Montecito Union School as part of the DHS Leukemia and Lymphoma Cluster Investigation...


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