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Last Edited: 10/5/2009

Human Subjects Protections

The Environmental Health Investigations Branch (EHIB) carries out environmental epidemiological and exposure investigations, and health hazard assessments.  It also provides local governments, regulatory agencies and the public with technical assistance, training and information about the health effects of non-infectious, environmental factors.  EHIB is committed to conducting its research activities in a way that promotes and protects the rights and welfare of the people involved.

It is EHIB's policy that all activities involving human subjects research will be guided by the ethical principles of The Belmont Report - Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research and will comply with the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45, part 46 regarding the Protection of Human Subjects.  Taken together, The Belmont Report and 45 CFR 46 articulate the minimal ethical and legal obligations of those who conduct or support research involving human subjects.

Conducting research involving human subjects is a privilege.  Maintaining this privilege requires institutional responsibility and a program of human subjects protection.  EHIB's policies provide general, ethical guidance for EHIB investigators involved in human subjects research.  In following these guidelines, EHIB investigators ensure that the content and results of their research are of the best possible quality and are legally, scientifically and ethically defensible.  These standards of quality can only be achieved if the human subjects concerned, the public, the scientific community and the institutions to which EHIB provides information are assured that EHIB's use of human subjects is necessary and that the rights, welfare and dignity of human subjects are adequately safeguarded.

EHIB's Policies for Protecting Human Subjects and Preserving Confidentiality in Research Projects outline the practices and codes of conduct required for all research involving human subjects conducted under EHIB's auspices.

Click here to download a copy of the full policy (1.8 MB; 126 pages).

Click here to download a summary of the policy (38 K; 4 pages).
(Note:  This summary is intended for informational purposes only.  Researchers or other interested parties should consult the full policy, above, for a more detailed understanding of EHIB's human subjects protections.)